Residential Real Estate

Our residential real estate lawyers provide a wide breadth of services to property owners and buyers throughout the acquisition, sale, or refinancing of your residential property.

Complete Your Transaction Smoothly and Efficiently

McQuarrie’s skilled lawyers will oversee and guide you throughout the process, whether you’re buying or selling a house, townhouse, or condominium. We take the time and care to define your needs, clarify the necessary procedures, and prepare all relevant documents to ensure your transaction is completed seamlessly.

Residential Real Estate Services

With longstanding roots across B.C., our conveyancing solicitors possess decades of experience serving clients throughout the province. We have worked successfully on both sides of the table during private conveyance matters, including purchasing, selling, and refinancing homesOur residential real estate law team is well versed in:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements
  • Reviewing mortgage documentation
  • Advising on matters relating to title (including investigation and reporting on covenants, liens, judgments, easements, rights of way, permits, charges, and other potential encumbrances or issues that affect buyers and sellers)

Leaning on our expertise means you enjoy peace of mind knowing we will protect your interests and ensure you have a consistent and comprehensive understanding of your real estate transactions.

Residential land development can be both a highly lucrative form of investment and a boon to local communities. However, the legal complexities of robust residential land development projects demand precise guidance and support from a professional team driven to maximize efficiencies and facilitate a smooth development process.

From the rezoning and subdivision of land; to infrastructure implementation; and creating the required legal documents to legitimize your project, McQuarrie’s exceptional legal specialists work diligently to ensure that your development starts on the right track and doesn’t waver throughout the process.

If you are planning to begin or are already amidst a residential land development project, please reach out so we can assess your unique scenario and provide the requisite legal advice to ensure your success.

Other Services

  • Residential property purchase and sale transactions

  • Highly complex real estate transactions

  • Property title transfer

  • Obtaining and reviewing residential mortgages

  • Due diligence for residential property transactions

Reasons to Reach Out

Reviewing Instruction Letter and Contract

Contract preparations and negotiations for real estate transactions may be complicated for both sellers and buyers. Real Estate lawyers at McQuarrie will provide you with professional guidance and ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Preparing Closing Documents

Acquiring a property is a complex process that involves a significant amount of paperwork. As a buyer, you will need to prepare a range of closing documents before you can exchange the keys. The conveyancing team here at McQuarrie can help you prepare Title transfer, mortgage, property transfer tax forms, and statement of adjustments.

Title Search

Buying property is one of the most significant purchases in many people’s lives. It is essential to have peace of mind knowing that no sudden surprises will arise after completing a real estate transaction. Our team of lawyers will conduct a title search and make sure there are no mortgages, liens, or easements registered against the property.

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