Professional Regulation & Administrative Law

Protecting your professional reputation from the damaging impacts of administrative proceedings.

In Business, Reputation is Everything

Your professional reputation may be affected by many things, from ethical issues to your social media presence. An administrative proceeding can have a significant and enduring impact on reputation, with the potential to jeopardize your career if a regulatory body cites you.

At McQuarrie we act in defence of professionals and businesses. For example, we have defended:

  • Nurses;
  • Accountants;
  • Automobile dealerships;
  • Engineers;
  • Realtors;
  • Mortgage brokers;
  • Immigration consultants;
  • Insurance brokers;
  • Lawyers;
  • Optometrists, and
  • Police officers.
We provide advice for those facing disciplinary action, representing them before their respective governing bodies. In addition, support is offered to professionals facing legal risk. Our extensive industry knowledge coupled with our experience allows us to help our clients reach the best possible outcome for their situation.

In addition to defending professionals, we also serve clients in other administrative hearings including civil forfeiture proceedings and human rights cases.

Other Services

  • Preparation of responses to the regulatory body during an investigation

  • Negotiations with the regulatory bodies

  • All necessary acts in preparation of defense, including legal research, investigating documents, interviewing witnesses, and submission drafting

  • Representation of professionals during formal hearings

Reasons to Reach Out

You are being investigated by a regulatory body

You have been arrested by the police and your profession is governed by a regulatory body

You are being asked to provide a statement by the police or a regulatory body

Your regulatory body is requiring you to enter into a Consent Order

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