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McQuarrie delivers sophisticated legal advice to businesses at all stages of growth across British Columbia. We approach your business like it’s our business.

Innovative Business Solutions To Boost Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, an emerging growth company seeking maximum efficiency through business restructuring, or a well-established corporation aiming to raise capital, mitigate uncertainty through carefully drafted contracts/agreements or navigate complex employment issues, we can help. As a multi-practice firm, our business lawyers provide a comprehensive set of services and assist with a wide range of issues companies face. We approach client relationships hands-on, taking the time to help them define their needs and delivering practical solutions based on them.

Commercial Lending and Borrowing

Get strategic advice on structuring financial transactions for financial institutions, borrowers, and private lenders.

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Purchase and Sale of Business

Navigate business sales and purchase transactions with the help of strategic legal advice.

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Incorporation, Annual Reporting & Corporate Reorganization

Get assistance with incorporating your business and managing annual filings and other corporate records.

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Employment Law

Understand BC Employment law, how it applies to your business, and what options you may have when resolving disputes.

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Business Law Services

Contracts are essential tools in ensuring the smooth operation of a business. Ensuring that a contract is legally enforceable and that all parties are satisfied with the rights and obligations assigned to them in the agreement is vital to the success of any business transaction.

In a business context, the terms and outcomes of contracts provide legal protection and directly impact your company’s health and growth prospects. Let McQuarrie review and negotiate meaningful contracts on your behalf to ensure a favourable outcome for your business.

The transition of ownership is an inevitable part of any business operation. You’ve spent decades building and growing your family enterprise, and now it’s time to transition the business in a way that protects your legacy and maximizes personal financial security.

At McQuarrie, we have the in-house capabilities to guide you through all aspects of this process. We also work closely with your trusted advisors, including your accounting team, to ensure a seamless transition.

The law draws a delicate balance between catering to the legitimate interest of business owners and protecting the rights of employees and competitors to earn a living.

Insulate your business against disputes and potentially unfair terms by having your agreements drafted and/or reviewed by McQuarrie’s adept lawyers.

When structuring your business, it is essential to pursue ideal circumstances that facilitate your company’s growth in the immediate future and long term. You can depend on the industry-leading team at McQuarrie to provide tax-efficient business structuring and corporate planning advice.

Other Services

  • Commercial Lending and Borrowing

  • Incorporation, Annual Reporting, & Corporate Reorganization

  • Employment Law

  • Purchase and Sale of Business

Reasons to Reach Out

Starting a business

Our team can guide you in the early stages of your company to help you maximize growth, achieve your financial objectives, and traverse the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Selling or purchasing a business

Our business lawyers help obtain financing, create future-oriented tax plans and conduct due diligence for smooth and efficient business transactions.

Growing your business

McQuarrie’s business lawyers are the industry’s premier solution providers on everything from favourable financing arrangements to private equity investments—such as angel investors or venture capital acquisitions.

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