Community Values

McQuarrie Legal Services is an established Surrey-based, multi-practice law firm optimally equipped to serve businesses, individuals, and institutions in the Lower Mainland and across British Columbia.

55 Years Serving British Columbians

Since 1967 McQuarrie has been committed to helping and supporting institutions and organizations which shape our communities and promote innovative projects within our city. Our goal: to create positive change that benefits others, and to give back to the community we serve. By partnering with these organizations, we can support and build a sustainable community which we are proud to be a part of.

McQuarrie’s mission has only begun as we look to inspire, empower, and help organizations which values align with our firm. As we look to the future of advanced medical equipment, humanitarian initiatives, and community kindness, we are thankful and humbled to be part of this ever-growing community of thought-provoking leadership and creative opportunities.


Surrey Hospital Foundation

McQuarrie had the honor of unveiling Surrey Memorial Hospital’s newly constructed treatment center for the Interventional Oncology Program.

McQuarrie is proud and humbled to have been part of this momentous occasion, not only for Surrey Memorial Hospital, but for the community of Surrey and the Fraser Valley as a whole. It was amazing to see how community donations along with the work of countless others lead to the implementation of a state-of-the art Microwave Ablation & Cryoablation Machine. These machines help treat cancerous tumors in the Kidney, Liver, and Lungs in a minimally invasive manner using tiny needles and small incisions.

These types of treatments are ground-breaking and cutting edge with the ability to treat cancerous tumors in a single day. With cases of cancer increasing by over 5% each year in the city of Surrey alone, these types of treatments are not only necessary, but fundamental in helping those who need it the most in our community.

McQuarrie shares @surreyhospitalfoundation’s values of humanity, family, and community kindness. We are inspired by the foundation’s mission to support innovative, medical advancements and technology in the Surrey community. We are proud to be a part of this unstoppable force of life-changing health care.

BCAC Flood Donation

With historic and devastating flooding happening in the Sumas prairie, and neighboring cities, our farmers and families need our help more than ever. Therefore, McQuarrie has pledged a donation to BC Agriculture Council and will continue to look for ways to help those who have lost a piece of their home and livelihood.

We are committed to the preservation of Canadian farmers and locally grown products and will continue to fight for those who need help the most through these troubling times. Please visit BC Agricultural Council’s website to help relief efforts and support our farmers which plant our future and shape our communties.

Royal Columbian Hospital

New Westminster, B.C. – {March 1, 2021} –For more than two decades, McQuarrie Hunter LLP has come forward to support critical needs at Royal Columbian Hospital. They recognize the importance of health care in the communities they serve – and have helped ensure that our health care teams have the tools they need to provide the very best in patient care. We are expressing our gratitude for their recent gift of $15,000 as part of their overall $75,000 commitment towards the Mental Health and Substance Use Wellness Centre.

“Mental health illness affects many people and can be debilitating. Sadly, it can be hard to find adequate care for those conditions. We are honoured to have been a part of the project that provides high-quality medical care for those in need.” – says the firm’s partner, Sarando Matheos.

Comunity Sponsorship

If you are interested in support for your organization or charity, please email our marketing team at [email protected]. Or submit the form below to stay in touch.