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Because every family is unique, McQuarrie’s Family Law lawyers bring a humanized, personal approach to addressing your situation. Our compassionate divorce lawyers have high success rates and are dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. We will help you navigate divorce, ensure you are fully supported throughout the process, and that the best interests of you and your family are protected. We understand it is a difficult time for all those involved – that is why our family lawyers strive to make sure you are represented, and a successful resolution is found. Let us take care of the legal side so you can focus on what matters most – you and your family.

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We Treat Your Family Like It’s Our Own

For over 50 years, McQuarrie has advocated for and helped clients in Surrey, the Fraser Valley, and throughout B.C. deal with the complex issues that arise in family law matters.

Our renowned, accomplished family and divorce lawyers are committed to producing pragmatic solutions for your needs and equipping clients with the knowledge and information you require to make the most informed decisions for your family.

We work tirelessly to ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. When you are ready to proceed, we will pursue the actions required through mediation or litigation to resolve your family matter, minimizing stress and anxiety, so you can get back to living your life.

Our Specializations

Alternative dispute resolution refers to the options separating couples have to avoid court proceedings through negotiation, third-party mediation or other methods. Lawyers assist by representing their clients during bargaining or by developing agreements that will satisfy both parties.

Alternative dispute resolution may have been recommended for you by your family law mediator. Family law mediation is a collaborative structure where the separating couple uses the assistance of a neutral third party (a mediator) who is trained to deal with all the issues that can arise when couples decide to separate.

An important consideration for many divorce proceedings is child custody and the agreements that pertain to it. Even when separation is mutual, understanding the long-term legal consequences of a custody agreement is paramount to protecting your children’s interests. Our lawyers will help you outline the parenting schedules, responsibilities, and other important details about how you and your ex-spouse will raise your children through carefully crafted child custody arrangements.

We understand that each family is unique and that a parenting arrangement that works for one family may be detrimental to the wellbeing of your children. Our family law team is always aware of the diversity of families and cultural backgrounds in BC. If an unconventional child custody arrangement is needed for your unique situation, we can guide you through the implications and benefits of many different types of arrangements.

In British Columbia, common-law partnerships are not considered formal marriages. However, common-law partners are generally offered the same rights as those married in a formal ceremony or civil procedure. This may include rights to spousal support or alimony, rights to child support and custody, right to property and family debts.

McQuarrie’s lawyers can help you understand the legal perspective of your common law marriage and what to do if you would like to dissolve one in BC. If appropriate, our lawyers will help you challenge the “marriage-like” nature of your relationship.

We understand that separations and divorces can be stressful, emotional, and sometimes even traumatic. Compassionate and patient, our lawyers take extra care to provide you the support that you need when filing and negotiating a legal separation or divorce.

If you are considering a divorce, McQuarrie can answer questions or provide advice during a private consultation. It is important to understand the laws that govern separation and divorce, and we can help you understand how a divorce may impact your rights or financial status.

During divorce proceedings, our lawyers provide support both inside and outside of the courtroom. We can help you prepare for separation and collect the recommended information before proceeding. From child custody agreements to the division of assets, we work with you to understand your needs, desired outcomes and create a strategy to achieve them.

Family Law Mediation is a cost-effective, alternative dispute resolution that allows families to create voluntary, binding, and mutually-accepted agreements. Using a trained mediator, this method often results in a shorter process, greater buy-in from both parties, and is usually less emotionally taxing than pursuing a separation through the court.

McQuarrie’s lawyers deeply respect the mediation process. We act as neutral parties and are committed to developing agreements that can help entire families move forward amicably. Additionally, mediation is an entirely voluntary process. Therefore, should either party want to walk away at any point, they are free to do so, and separations can proceed through alternative methods.


Our Mediation Services

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Complex Property Division

Dividing property during a separation is seldom straightforward, and some assets or gifts are also challenging to divide. We can help you understand your rights and entitlements at every stage of the process, regardless of the complexity or vastness of your assets.

Legal Separation

Our team of compassionate divorce lawyers will help you navigate divorce and ensure that your family’s interests are prioritized during the separation. We offer a range of innovative legal solutions to help resolve any conflict and facilitate an amicable separation.

Wealth Protection

While most partners enter marriage as a lifetime commitment, it is still necessary to be logical when assessing your wealth protection options. Lean on McQuarrie’s family lawyers to draft any essential prenuptial, cohabitation, and separation agreements.

Other Services

  • Division of property and assets

  • High net worth separation and divorce

  • Marriage, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements

  • Restraining/protection orders

  • Mobility application

Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation is a cost-effective, alternative dispute resolution that allows families to create voluntary, binding, and mutually-accepted agreements.

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