Contact the lawyers at McQuarrie for assistance with issues related to commercial and corporate law. This is a broad area of law that encompasses both statutory and common law related to corporations and their shareholders as well as directors, officers and employees. Our corporate lawyers advise and represent all of those parties on issues related to corporate powers, authority and the rights and obligations of everyone involved.

Please contact our office for a private consultation if you require the services of a corporate law lawyer, or simply need guidance on an issue of corporate law, including:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Reorganization
  • Director’s & Officer’s Liability

To learn more about our areas of practice, please see the information we’ve provided for you, below. You can also have all your questions answered in a private consultation with one of our experienced corporate lawyers.

Corporate Governance

Appropriate business structures are necessary to address issues of control, decision making and accountability through appropriate roles for shareholders (or members), directors, officers and senior employees. Our team of corporate lawyers can help you develop those structures as part of a corporate governance plan tailored for British Columbia, or wherever you are located.

Talk to our lawyers about drafting, implementing and enforcing the agreements necessary to ensure successful corporate governance. We assist private corporations, including not-for-profits and societies. Through consultation, we can help you develop incorporating documents such as constitutions, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and shareholder & employment agreements.

Corporate Reorganization

Reorganizing can involve simple share transfers of equity or voting shares, or complex share restructuring for tax planning or other purposes, with multiple corporations and legal entities such as partnerships. While we do not give tax advice, we work closely with our clients’ accountants and tax advisors. Should a client not have an accountant or tax advisor, we will recommend one, taking into consideration location, cost and expertise.

Director’s & Officer’s Liability

Directors and officers can be exposed to personal liability in a number of ways by statute and common law. In some cases, liability is not limited to personal conduct. We advise directors and officers on all manner of liabilities arising out of their position, including liability for a corporate action or inaction.

Questions About Corporate Law in Canada?

Please contact us if you are looking for additional information about business law. While we may not be a corporate law firm exclusively, the experience of our attorneys means you can expect the same level of service.

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