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Bicycle Accident


Bicycle Accident Claims

British Columbia is a prime place for hitting bicycle trails for family outings and leisure, and over the years our major cities have become increasingly bike friendly, enabling commuters to use cycling as their primary mode of transportation.

With the growth of cycling in and around our communities, unfortunately the incidence of bicycle accidents has also increased.

If you are in a bicycle accident either on the city roads, on a mountain path, or anywhere in between, our firm has a team of experienced lawyers to represent you and serve as your advocate for compensation.

We realize that each case is unique.  These traumatic events can have serious consequences for your health and plans for your life, and we work to arrange a resolution for your case quickly.  If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, contact us for a private consultation.

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Understanding Your Rights After A Bicycle Accident

Our team of highly skilled personal injury lawyers can help guide you through every step of your personal injury case involving a bicycle, including:

  • Having a legal consultation with us about your case so you know your legal rights and options
  • Filing an insurance claim with ICBC
  • Dealing with the other party’s insurance company
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against other at fault parties
  • Providing help drafting up any letters or documentation for your insurance
  • Providing representation for any litigation or lawsuit

Our team of lawyers collectively draw upon decades of experience dealing with bicycle accident insurance claims, disputes with insurance companies, legally-compliant records and courtroom representation.

Additionally, we are highly knowledgeable about ICBC, and have unique insights into the claim process and the critical ICBC timelines that you need to be aware of.

We always remain pragmatic in our advice and our actions, but also compassionate with the traumatic situation you or your family find yourselves in. No matter what legal help you need in dealing with your bike accident, our personal injury lawyers can provide it.

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