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Life Insurance Claims

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The denial of a life insurance policy payout can hit you at your most vulnerable time – when you have just recently lost a loved one.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for life insurance companies to deny life insurance from being paid out to the listed beneficiaries.  They will often use minor mistakes, technicalities, or pre-existing conditions as their reason, leaving you without the life insurance benefits your loved one intended for you to have.

If your life insurance policy payout claim has been denied, let our insurance denials lawyers clarify your rights under the policy and help you get what you are entitled to.

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Get Results With McQuarrie

For over 35 years we have been helping clients fight insurance denial claims across British Columbia.  Our dedicated team of insurance denials lawyers will gather all the evidence necessary to prove your claim should not be denied and fight the insurer over the terms of your policy through litigation and by using the evidence necessary to prove that your claim is valid.

At McQuarrie, it’s all about results, we will help overcome any obstacles to the payout of your loved ones’ life insurance policy.

During your first consultation with our life insurance denial lawyers, we will help you understand more about your case and answer any questions you have.  We cover the specifics of the life insurance policy of your loved one, the proper steps to take in the claims process, and all of the necessary documentation and evidence required to fight your claim.

We always recommend that you come to us for a consultation as soon as possible, as there is a limitation period to file and contest your claims for the life insurance policy.  You do not want to miss this deadline window before responding to denied life insurance payout claims.  That’s why it is critical that you speak to an experienced insurance denials lawyer at the first sign that your insurance company has denied your life insurance payout claim.

Even if you think there is nothing that can be done, it may be worth letting our Insurance Denials team review your case.

At McQuarrie, our dedicated team of insurance denials lawyers has over 35 years of experience advocating and fighting for clients against all of the major insurance providers including:

·       Canada Life ·       Manulife
·       Great West Life ·       Blue Cross
·       Sunlife ·       RBC Insurance

Let us take on this challenge for you so you can focus what is most important – you.

We serve clients in all cities throughout British Columbia so no matter where you are, we can help.

Time is of the essence, do not delay.  Call today to book your free initial consultation 604.581.7001 or complete our consultation request form here.

How Can A Life Insurance Policy Payout Be Denied?

If your loved ones’ life insurance policy payout was denied, there will be a few likely reasons why.  Some common reasons include:

  • The policy was less than five years old
  • The person had a pre-existing medical condition
  • There was a technicality in your initial claim
  • The claim was filed too late
  • The right documentation was not provided

Whatever the reasons, you can contact our team of life insurance denial lawyers to help you fight for your rights under the policy.

We will review your case, and advocate for your right to the benefits that were supposed to be paid out.  Call to book your initial consultation today 604.581.7001 or complete our online consultation request form here.

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