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Professional Regulation


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For many professions, reputation is everything. Maintaining a good reputation opens doors to opportunities, and it can help you connect with your ideal client base. It impacts virtually every aspect of your business, from your following on social media to your selection of prospective employees. It can lower marketing costs, increase your company value, and even boost your overall revenue.

As much as a good reputation aids you, damage to your status can hinder you.

Professionals often deal with issues that have serious ethical considerations, and over the past several years, they have become the subject of intense scrutiny. The handling, or mishandling, of these issues can have a significant and lasting impact on reputation, and you might find your career in jeopardy if you are cited by a regulatory body.

At McQuarrie, we act in the defence of professionals—including accountants, doctors, lawyers, and engineers—who might experience liability issues. We provide advice for those facing disciplinary action, and we can represent them before their respective governing bodies. Support is provided for professionals finding themselves faced with legal risk. Our extensive industry knowledge coupled with our experience allows us to help our clients reach the best possible outcome for their situation.

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Our defence counsel services include:

  •  Preparation of responses to the regulatory body during investigation
  •  Performing negotiations with the regulatory body where appropriate
  •  All necessary acts in preparation of defence, including legal research, investigating documents, interviewing witnesses, and submission drafting
  •  Ensuring that all statutes and requirement of procedural fairness are met by regulatory bodies
  • Representation of professionals during formal hearings

We do more than simply respond to crises, however. We help avoid them from the start.

McQuarrie gives clients the guidance needed to make effective decisions to avoid reaching a point of conflict. We work with regulatory bodies, providing general counsel to help them govern in a way that not only allows for procedural fairness but also focuses on transparency and public interest. This might include designing and writing bylaws, standards, policies, and procedures, or amending them as needed. We also provide training to committee members and staff.

Regulatory bodies also benefit from other services, such as assistance in strategic planning, the writing of or advisement on manuals and other written materials, and assistance with legal issues that develop during the regulatory process. This includes quality assurance, certification, disciplinary and competence hearings, consensual resolutions, and more.

Professional regulation and discipline are a serious matter. Abiding by the laws and rules governing your profession is the means by which you build and protect your reputation. Trust McQuarrie and our expert team to guide you through these increasingly complex matters.

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