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Incorporation, Annual Reporting and Corporate Records


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While the process of incorporation is relatively quick and affordable, accuracy and thoroughness are necessary.  That’s why it’s important that you work with experienced lawyers to help you with your incorporation.

McQuarrie has been assisting clients with incorporation for decades.   As part of our comprehensive services, we’ll help you create all articles, agreements and resolutions when necessary.  We can also assist you with long-term planning and strategy for your corporation, including agreements that create dispute-resolution structures.

If you’re ready to begin incorporating a business in British Columbia, call one of our business law lawyers today at 604.581.7001 or complete our online form below.

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B.C. Business Incorporation

Our lawyers can prepare and modify all of the following documents you’ll need when incorporating your business in B.C.:

  • Shareholders’ Resolutions
  • Directors’ Resolutions
  • Director’s and Officers’ Register

We will also assist you by facilitating payment for any government fees for incorporation to the proper agency.  Once you have incorporated, the documents listed above must be updated annually.  These annual reporting requirements must be observed when a business is incorporated.  Instead of managing these updates yourself, you can leave it to the experienced lawyers at McQuarrie.

An annual review by our solicitors will ensure that your company complies with all necessary annual statutory requirements to maintain your corporation in good standing.  While reviewing these requirements, we can also help you adjust previous agreements and resolutions so that they serve you and your business goals.

In addition to documents related to incorporating in B.C. and annual reporting, we can create and maintain all annual corporate records required by statute, and act as record holders and registered offices for client corporations.

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