Incorporation, Annual Reporting, and Corporate Reorganization

Incorporate your business with confidence and manage ongoing corporate records by leveraging the expertise and experience of McQuarrie’s lawyers.

What You Can Expect From McQuarrie

Incorporation is an important and exciting step for any business, but it requires accuracy and thoroughness. With decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of incorporation requirements in British Columbia, McQuarrie’s lawyers can help you create all articles, agreements, and resolutions while also working with you on long-term plans and strategies for your corporation.

Helping You Achieve Your Long-Term Business Goals

By partnering with McQuarrie, you can focus on running your business while our lawyers assist with the filing and maintenance of your corporate records, including annual updates and reviews. We work with you to do what is best for your business, including adjusting previous agreements and resolutions so that they serve your current business needs and future goals.

Other Services

  • Modification of Shareholders’ Resolutions, Directors’ Resolutions, and Directors’ and Officers’ Register documents

  • Payment facilitation for any government fees for incorporation

  • Compliance with annual statutory and reporting requirements

  • Creation and maintenance of all annual corporate records

  • Act as record holders and registered offices for client corporations

  • Agreements that create dispute-resolution business structures

Key Contacts

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