Queen’s Counsel (QC) Awarded to Jacy Wingson


Congratulations to Jacy Wingson on having been bestowed the honorary title of Queen’s Counsel (QC).

Under the Queen’s Counsel Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Attorney General, may bestow on lawyers in BC the honorary title of Queen’s Counsel (QC) to recognize exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession. Candidates must belong to the BC bar and have been a member for at least 5 years and demonstrate professional integrity, good character and excellence in the practice of law. Such excellence may be determined by being acknowledged by their peers as leading counsel or exceptionally gifted practitioners, have demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership in the profession, and have done outstanding work in the fields of legal education and legal scholarship. No more than 7% of the bar of British Columbia can be awarded the designation.

Jacy is a partner at McQuarrie Hunter LLP, where she provides exceptional legal work in the areas of estate disputes, commercial, contract disputes, debt collection, real estate disputes and professional negligence claims. Jacy has earned the admiration and respect of young lawyers, the profession and the community she serves.


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