January is a busy month in Family Law


Welcome to 2017, a brand new year, where we all wonder what the new year will bring to us, and hope it will be better, or at least certainly different from the year before.  In my practice, which is almost exclusively family law, January is usually my busiest month, and is definitely the month where I get the largest number of phone calls and new clients.  Why is that?  Based on my 25 years of experience in the field, I am of the view there are two main reasons.

The first one is relatively generic but still important.  In a new year, almost invariably we make resolutions, such as to lose weight, to exercise more, to read more, travel more etc.  Many of my clients simply resolved to be free of a bad relationship.  It is a new year, they resolve to be happy and to deal with their relationship’s difficulties once and for all.  Once January 1 rolls around, they call a lawyer to begin the proceeding.

The second reason, in my view, is more important.  No matter how bad a relationship might be, we all worry how a separation/divorce will affect our children as they are the most important people in our lives.  Children love Christmas, especially when they are young.  Parents do not want to ruin Christmas and the anticipation of Santa Claus bringing gifts to them on Christmas Eve.  As a result, they stay together for one last Christmas, hope the children enjoy it and then separate in the new year.

Whatever the reason for your separation, if you find yourself in that situation this January, please contact me to discuss your various options and rights.  Knowing your rights is the most important thing as you face the uncertainty of a divorce.

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