Have You Been Denied Mortgage Insurance?

If you experience a sudden illness or injury, you may rely on your mortgage life insurance to continue paying your mortgage payments. Unfortunately, mortgage life insurance is often denied. Read our blog to learn the most common reasons for mortgage life insurance denial and what to do if your insurance provider denied your claim.

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Claiming Long-Term Disability Due to Burnout

Many people experience decline in their physical and mental health due to chronic stress and burnout. If someone becomes unable to perform their job functions due to burnout, they may try to apply for disability benefits through their insurance plan. In our recent blog, we discuss what someone can do if their claim has been denied.

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Disability Claims for Chronic Pain Conditions

Many people suffering from chronic pain may rely on disability benefits to replace a portion of the lost income. Sadly, insurance claims for subjective conditions like chronic pain are often denied. Read our recent blog to learn why chronic pain disability claims are denied.

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COVID-19 Disability Insurance Benefits

The prolonged symptoms of COVID-19 may be so severe as to prohibit the patients from being able to work, placing a financial burden on them and their families. Learn more about who may be eligible to apply for long-term disability insurance.

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