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McQuarrie is a multi-practice law firm that is positioned to give some of the most experienced and insightful legal help to businesses and families in Vancouver, BC. Our practice areas include; general business law, employment law, and contractual and real estate law. All of these services give our lawyers a wider and future-focused perspective on the needs of our clients.

Our office is located in the Central City Office Tower in Surrey. It’s a short ½ hour drive down the Trans Canada through Burnaby. You can find a map located here that you can use to reach our office once you have arranged your consultation. See the information just below to learn more about the services that we offer.

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Legal Services available in Vancouver, BC

Our Vancouver lawyers assist clients in the city with a wide range of legal services. We often assist newly-incorporated businesses in Vancouver by helping them develop their corporate governance structures accurately. This often includes the drafting of founding documents, and establishing the processes that will ensure filing and tax compliance. Our lawyers can also assist you by helping you develop legally-binding and beneficial contracts for your employees, and support you in court when those contracts are challenged.

Real estate is another major market in Vancouver, and a very important consideration for anyone doing business there. Our Vancouver lawyers can help you create and manage the agreements that allow you the freedom to grow.

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You can contact us by phone at: 604.581.7001

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