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Our experienced lawyers proudly serve New Westminster and the surrounding areas by providing comprehensive legal services for families and businesses. Protect yourself during legal challenges, plan for the expansion of your company, or put a new will in place for your family by contacting our lawyers today to arrange a consultation.

New Westminster is less than half an hour away from our offices. Once you’ve set your appointment, you can easily reach us by getting on the BC-91 and going south until crossing to Surrey using the BC-10. Our address can be found at the top of this page, or here in our contact information.

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Our Legal Services for New Westminster Clients

Our lawyers are familiar with New Westminster, and the unique challenges that are part of life here. Many of those challenges are related to the speed at which New Westminster is modernizing its economy. New fiber-optic and other tech industries that have settled here in the past few years have brought with them many new needs and opportunities.

It is our pleasure to use our experience to assist both long-time New Westminster residents and the enterprises that have been attracted to this historic city. Our lawyers assist by providing a complete range of business and property law services, including commercial litigation. We offer long-term liability and tax planning services for organizations of all sizes.

New Westminster is home to many retirees who have come to us for help with their wills and estate plans. Our firm offers all the services necessary to build a plan for the next generation, or the one after that. The plans that we design for families are built to protect their wishes completely, and to avoid the disputes that can cause serious family issues.

All of the services offered by our firm are available to our clients in Westminster.

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Early engagement is often important when it comes to legal problems. If you suspect you may be challenged under a contract or in court, you can get the answers that you need right now by booking a consultation at McQuarrie. Use the contact information located here to contact a New Westminster lawyer in the way most convenient for you.