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McQuarrie is ready to assist if you need a lawyer in Chilliwack. Our firm has roots in BC tracing back more than 50 years, and in that time, we have developed an understanding of the needs of the people who make their homes in the Fraser Valley. We assist by providing a complete spectrum of legal services including estate planning, and the management of wills and trusts.

You can easily reach our law firm from Chilliwack. Our headquarters are located about an hour away using most routes, and the Wack will take you most of the way. Not that driving will be necessary. You can get started on scheduling a consultation with our lawyers today simply by filling out our contact form. You can also call our office directly to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Move swiftly if you need legal help or are facing litigation. If you spend only a few minutes filling out our form, one of our lawyers serving Chilliwack will contact you shortly.

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Years of experience with clients from Chilliwack has given our lawyers a special insight into their needs and goals. Many of our clients are part of the region’s healthy agricultural sector, some of them with family farms and land-use agreements that go back for decades or longer. We appreciate the privilege of helping to preserve farms that have fed the region for more than one hundred years.

Our chief mission for these clients has always been to help them keep their agreements free of conflict and work to preserve family legacies for future generations. The same is true of our services for Chilliwack residents who have just moved to this gorgeous area to retire. Our lawyers serving Chilliwack are experienced at managing and creating long-term plans for all types of assets.

Our lawyers are also adept at handling the disagreements and contract disputes that are an unfortunately frequent part of managing multi-generational assets. We will employ the law to support you when your rights under a contract are challenged.

All of our services are available throughout the entire BC area from our law firm near Chilliwack. You can find a full display of our services in the top navigation above.

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Our lawyers have a strong understanding of Chilliwack, based on years of experience representing Chilliwack clients. For any legal needs, or to simply get answers to your questions, please contact McQuarrie using our fast online form, or by phone at: 604.581.7001.