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McQuarrie serves Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford, with lawyers talented at handling all types of legal difficulties. We assist our clients by providing representation, preparing plans for the future and drafting the documents necessary for complex corporate transactions, reorganizations and mergers.

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Abbotsford Lawyer Services

Our law firm serves Abbotsford residents and business owners quite frequently because of the rich concentration of different industries here. This city is home to major agriculture, transportation and manufacturing and retail interests that frequently interact. This activity is great for Abbotsford, but the interactions of all these busy sectors in one city can create complications. It also makes informed corporate planning an important priority.

Abbotsford is home to many prominent companies who have sought our representation when negotiating contracts and agreements or creating corporate structures. Our lawyers have worked with cases involving businesses of all sizes, and that experience can be leveraged for your benefit.

Estate services are also frequently requested by our clients, and we provide many of the same services as a typical family lawyer in Abbotsford. We have consulted our clients on their legacies, and have put the mechanisms in place to protect their wishes through wills and trusts.

The complete range of services that we offer is available to all of our clients who live anywhere in Fraser Valley, and throughout British Columbia. A full list of our legal services can be found in the top navigation.

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Our firm has a long history with Abbotsford, and a strong understanding of the priorities and needs of the people who make this their home. Because of that, we are well-positioned to help you with all of your legal needs. Our dedication and experience with this city will make a difference for you in a contract negotiation or legal dispute.

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