Property & Property Tax Law

Let the property lawyers at McQuarrie assist you with the purchase and registration of property in Vancouver and wider British Columbia area. Our law firm has assisted both private buyers and major corporations with their property purchases, and we have the experience to help you with any of these property, or property law challenges:

  • Purchasing, Selling and Transferring Property
  • BC Property Transfer Tax Compliance (PTT)
  • Paying Property Taxes as A Foreign Entity or Taxable Trustee

If you have any questions about any area of property law, please contact McQuarrie for a private consultation with one of our property lawyers. You can learn more about how we can help you by filling out our form, here.

Purchasing, Selling and Transferring Property

Our lawyers can assist you in any way that you need, at any point during the purchasing, selling or transferring process. In the past, we have assisted our clients by helping them understand the many legalities surrounding property deals, the potential for future risks and complications and the legal obligations that come with complex property arrangements such as joint-tenant situations.

Our lawyers can also assist you by drafting any documents or contracts that are necessary for the quick completion of property purchase, sale or transfer. Additionally, we’ll ensure that any documents that need to be filed with city, provincial or national authorities reach the correct destination.

BC Property Transfer Tax (PTT) Compliance

You are responsible for paying the BC Property Transfer Tax if:

  • You have purchased a property registered at the Land Title Office; or
  • You have just gained an interest in that property.

This is a completely separate tax, aside from the annual property taxes for which purchasers will also be responsible, and can be a burden for property buyers. Our lawyers can help you understand if you qualify for appropriate reductions or exemptions to help reduce the amount of tax you may have to pay.

Paying Property Taxes as a Foreign Entity or Taxable Trustee

If you are within the Greater Vancouver Regional District, you may be responsible for an additional tax on top of the BC land transfer tax. This special tax is also known as the Additional Property Transfer Tax and it’s applied when you are purchasing property as a foreign entity or as a trustee. We can help you understand if these taxes are applicable to your purchase.

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