Construction Claims & Builder’s Liens

At McQuarrie, we represent clients from all sectors of the construction industry, including owners, general contractors, design professionals, subcontractors and material suppliers. We can assist you with a broad range of construction-related matters and any issues related to the BC Builders Lien Act, and agreements that are governed by it. Talk to us today about PMA claims or other disputes. Our real estate lawyers focus on timely dispute resolution.

Our expert team of construction claim and builder’s lien lawyers are ready to help you with any aspect of your case. Contact us for a private consultation, here.

Know Your Rights in Construction Claims

Our firm has the knowledge to help our clients through the process of making construction claims for their business. We can help you understand the conflicts between different agreements such as the Project Management Agreements and Purchase Agreements, and resolve any PMA claims that arise. Whether your claim falls under Civil Works (roads, bridges, etc), Buildings (office buildings), or Consultants (related to payment and contracts of consultants used for construction projects), we have a proven track record handling all kinds of construction-related claims, including:

  • Contract Disputes & Terminations
  • Project Management Agreement Disputes, PMA Claims
  • Delays, Weather Issues & Work Suspensions
  • Contract Changes or Re-Negotiations
  • Claims related to Construction Site Conditions
  • Maladministration
  • Strikes & Employee or Contractor Disputes
  • Injuries, Unsafe Equipment or Work Sites & Impossibility of Performance

We know there are numerous factors that can cause delays or an increase in costs for the contractors and the business, and we advise you on the quality of your claim and whether it will be legally compliant.

Builder’s-Liens & The Builder’s Liens Act of BC

Our firm also has a successful track record handling Builders Liens cases. Our lawyers are well versed on the latest legal rules and practices for builders liens, including the BC Builders Lien Act that was first enacted in 1997.

If your business needs help to recover debts that you have yet to pay to contractors and supplies, our team has decades of combined experience filing the right paperwork on time correctly and efficiently. If you are thinking of taking a builder’s lien, it can be a complicated process and we are ready to give you the advice you need to have it done quickly.

Individuals and businesses that we can assist in claiming a lien include:

  • Construction workers
  • Material and equipment suppliers
  • Hired contractors
  • Subcontractors hired by other contractors or subcontractors
  • Engineers and architects

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