Our experience with real estate law allows us to provide consultations and representation for all types of issues related to general real estate, real estate tax laws and regulations. Our practice areas include services for both commercial and residential properties and land developers, as well as individuals seeking assistance with private real estate disputes.

To learn more about how our BC real estate lawyers can help you, please call our office today. If you are ready to speak to one our lawyers about your case, you can book your private real estate law consultation here.

In addition to the areas listed below, we also provide experienced consulting and legal services for all types of real estate issues facing individuals and corporations.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate development services are comprehensive enough to meet the needs of corporations engaging in litigation or the lending and leasing of commercial properties. Please see the summaries in the sections just below to learn more about how we can assist with litigation, lending, and more. You can book your consultation with one of our BC real estate lawyers right now, to have all of your questions answered in a private consultation.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Our commercial real estate litigation services cover claims for specific performance and damages and deposit disputes in relation to collapsed contracts, in addition to many other types of claims including:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Defects of title and of property
  • Claims with respect to statutory building schemes and easements
  • Mortgage enforcement and foreclosure
  • Priority disputes
  • Condominium disputes
  • Collections

Commercial Lending

We draft all types of security documentation in order to provide commercial lenders with effective security for loans to their customers, including:

  • Business operating loans
  • Loans for acquisition of land and other assets or shares of businesses
  • Construction financing

We also advise commercial lenders on preparing facility letters and loan agreements and on the security required for specific loans

Commercial Leasing

We represent many commercial real estate landlords and tenants and can assist in all aspects of leasing, including;

  • Negotiating and settling lease terms
  • Preparing or reviewing the form of lease and ancillary documents, such as assignments, renewals, extensions, options, non-disturbance agreements, estoppel certificates and mortgages of leases

We also assist both landlords and tenants in enforcement issues, including:

  • Termination proceedings
  • Rent distresses
  • Orders for possession

Real Estate and Land Development

We advise clients on all matters relating to assembling development land, rezoning property, real estate tax laws and structuring residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

We recommend and set up appropriate corporate structures for clients involved in real estate transactions, including partnerships, joint ventures, cost-sharing agreements and bare trusts. We have extensive experience in acquiring and disposing of commercial real estate, and we regularly assist borrowers with their acquisition, development and construction financing facilities.

We also assist clients in preparing their real estate disclosure statements and sales contracts, and we advise landlords and tenants on all aspects of commercial leasing.

Residential Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers in British Columbia can assist you with your residential real estate needs. We provide consultations, representation and other legal services that allow you to participate in residential development and investment with confidence. We can also litigate on your behalf when you are the victim of fraud or are party to a dispute over a residential property.

Please contact our residential real lawyers for a private consultation if you have additional questions.

Real Estate and Conveyancing

We prepare all the necessary documentation to complete the sale and purchase of the buildings and land. We have experience negotiating and preparing agreements to sell or purchase commercial buildings and vacant land, including advising on all necessary due diligence with respect to reports on title and statutory and environmental liabilities.

Private Litigation

Our private real estate services covers claims for specific performance, damages and deposit disputes in relation to collapsed contracts. We can also assist with many other matters, including:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Defects of title and of property
  • Claims with respect to statutory building schemes and easements
  • Mortgage enforcement and foreclosure
  • Priority disputes
  • Condominium disputes
  • Collections