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McQuarrie has extensive experience probating wills to establish their status as legally valid under British Columbia law. The passing of a loved one can be emotionally stressful, and unfortunately, contentious moments can also occur for your family.  If you are the executor, you have the option of probating the will yourself, however it can be a lot to handle and very time consuming during an already difficult time.

Trust our probate lawyers to give you the guidance and representation you need.

If you need a Probate Lawyer in B.C., our law firm has the knowledge and experience to complete the application process quickly, to alleviate your stress during this emotional time.  We maintain up-to-date awareness of current probate rules put in place in 2014 in the Wills, Estates and Succession Act to ensure there are no mistakes or undue delays.  You can trust our professionalism in the event of a dispute over any aspect of the will or estate. 

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Our Lawyers Can Help With All Probates In B.C.

Our firm has wide experience probating estates in Canada and resolving grants worldwide.  Talk to our team about any of the following issues:

  • Verifying the legality of the will and each of its components that require probation under current rules and laws
  • Any real estate legally owned solely in the name of the deceased, including houses, apartments, condos, cottages, and other property
  • Shares of stock, funds, and other investments owned solely by the deceased and not jointly held with someone else
  • Disputes over the choice of trustees, or any action taken by the trustee
  • Dealing with beneficiaries listed in a will who are legally unable to give consent, such as a child

B.C. Probate Dispute Resolution

The application process can be quite complex, especially in the event of any disputes.  We ensure swift resolution through the factual verification of the legality of the will, its specific components, and the actions taken by the executor and estate trustees.  If you are facing a dispute, or want to file a dispute, we have a broad range of experience in resolving:

  • The appropriate payment of estate taxes
  • Whether the will, or a specific component of it, is legal
  • Whether the estate trustee is suitable or not
  • If the executor refuses to apply for probation

Contact Our Probate Lawyers

The ultimate goal of our probate lawyers is to ensure our clients complete the application and dispute resolution process for probating a will or estate.  If you need assistance or a probate consultation, our lawyers at McQuarrie are ready to help.

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