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Purchase And Sale Of Business


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If you are looking to purchase or sell a business, there are a number of complex legal considerations and requirements that need to be reviewed and addressed in order for the purchase and sale transaction to proceed smoothly through the many stages of buying and selling a business. 

From negotiating the deal itself, to obtaining financing as a buyer, tax planning as the seller, and finally closing and completion obligations for both parties, there is an abundance of due diligence and paperwork required to get the deal done.  This can be an exciting time but also overwhelming.

McQuarrie’s trusted Business Law lawyers have been helping clients buy and sell businesses in cities throughout British Columbia for over 50 years.

Whether you are the buyer or seller, having an experienced business lawyer on your side, early on in the process, can save you time, money and frustration in the long-run.  Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers have completed thousands of purchase and sale transactions across many industries and know to look at the big picture and the little details equally, so that nothing is overlooked.

Buying a Business

Perhaps you already own a business, or are purchasing a business for the first time, regardless of your situation, buying a business is a considerable investment and if not done right, can have significant consequences to you and your business down the road.

Investing the time up front, with a team of trusted advisors, including an experienced business lawyer and accountant, can give you peace of mind and help you get started on the right foot so you can focus on what’s most important – running a successful business.


  • Due diligence and thorough evaluation on the business you are looking to purchase in order to minimize your risk and avoid any potential issues, including review of all pre-existing obligations, agreements, leases and contracts.
  • Assessing all of your options and ensuring you pay a fair price.
  • Structuring the deal to best suit your needs and minimize tax implications.
  • Identify and help manage risks as you move forward.

Working with the McQuarrie team, you get the added benefit of a multi-service firm with in-house tax lawyers and lawyers in our Real Estate Law group to address any areas of your purchase involving leasing space or purchasing land or buildings.

Selling a Business

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard and invested time, money and energy to grow your business to where it is today, and now it’s time to sell.  Naturally, you want to get the highest value possible for your business while ensuring a smooth transition so your hard work and dedication can continue to grow in the hands of a new owner.

Selling or transferring a business is a lengthy process that requires planning and preparation long before the sale process actually begins.  It is important to speak with an experienced business lawyer early.  McQuarrie has helped thousands of clients sell their businesses, we can help you.


  • Seek counsel from a knowledgeable and experienced corporate or business lawyer to ensure you have all necessary documentation, contracts and agreements in place with vendors, suppliers, employees, contractors and other key stakeholders in the operation of the business.  If you do not, now is the time to create these necessary documents.  This will be a key piece of information sellers will look for.
  • Take steps to increase the value of your business and attract buyers.  These can include establishing and documenting processes, adding additional revenue streams, expanding into new markets, cultivating a strong culture with your workforce, and mitigating any areas of risk.
  • Make sure your financial records and accounts are in order and up to date so prospective buyers can get a complete and detailed view of your business’ financial position.  Having complete and accurate financial statements will also help you get the proper value for your business.  Consult with your accountant if you need assistance in this area.

Our lawyers can also assist you if you’re not sure of how to sell your business.  You will want to be careful not to disclose too much information too early, especially to a competitor.  Our lawyers can assist you in determining how to phase the disclosure of information.  We can also negotiate and draft letters of intent and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements on your behalf to safeguard your business’ confidential information.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, takeovers and other complex transactions may have immense and immediate consequences for your business, family and legacy.

Learn more about the risks, and secure your interests with the assistance of McQuarrie’s experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyers.  Our mission is to close your deal quickly, while ensuring that all of your interests are protected.

Our M&A lawyers are prepared to provide or arrange any service necessary to see your merger plan through to completion. We handle transactions of all sizes for clients looking to build many different types of short and long-term relationships with other corporate entities.  Our lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients with strategic alliances, recapitalizations, restructurings, divestitures and many other types of agreements.

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