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Bankruptcy and Insolvency


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Navigating a bankruptcy with your property and long-term financial goals intact can be incredibly difficult. Our bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers can represent you during this difficult time and work to make sure your debts are resolved in a way that respects your needs. 

We can provide representation for both personal and corporate bankruptcy in Canada.

McQuarrie’s bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers can provide legal representation with respect to a variety of bankruptcy and insolvency matters, including:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Commercial bankruptcy
  • Commercial proposals and restructuring
  • Priority disputes
  • Receiverships
  • Discharge applications

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcies are stressful events, but Canadian law provides many protections for those who no longer have the resources to cover personal debts. Speaking to a lawyer and developing a bankruptcy plan can make it easier to maintain retirement savings, family homes, vehicles and other important assets.  Consult with our bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your next steps.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Our lawyers will work to provide the best outcome for partners, executives, and shareholders in the event of a corporate insolvency or restructuring. The law provides many protections to prevent a corporate insolvency from being a catastrophic event for the B.C. commercial market or the professionals who are employed by these companies.

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Commercial Proposals and Restructuring

Commercial proposals and restructuring plans are a common part of corporate insolvency negotiations with the court. Our corporate insolvency lawyers can help you develop plans that meet your goals and fight for you to win approval from the court during a negotiation.

Priority Disputes

Not all debts are given the same level of priority in bankruptcies. Some will inevitably receive a larger share as part of the negotiations. If you are a lender who is concerned about the priority of debts you are owed in an ongoing bankruptcy or insolvency, we can assist you.


A receivership is an alternative to insolvency where a person chosen by the court is given authority over a company and how it manages its debts for a period of time. Your corporate bankruptcy law firm can participate at several points within this process. A change of leadership can be an effective way to manage debts during a corporate insolvency, but you need assurance that an adequately qualified and acceptable receiver is appointed. Our lawyers can assist you.

Discharge Applications

A successful discharge application allows for a debt to be completely discharged. However, the application can be opposed by the holder of the debt. Our bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers can represent parties on either side of the table during a discharge dispute.

If you would like to know more about our services, or schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, you can do so right here on our website. Our lawyers are experienced and ready to help clients with both private and corporate needs.

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