Car Accidents

The vehicle accident injury lawyers at McQuarrie have experience in getting insurance compensation for car accidents and managing lawsuits for car accident victims where pain and suffering is a factor.

It can be complicated to navigate these cases and determine the appropriate motor vehicle accident compensation payouts based on who was at fault and why. However, our lawyers work hard to help accident victims get a fair settlement from ICBC. We have the experience to help you win your claim.

We are available to help and answer questions, from a hospital visit right after the accident to phone calls throughout the process. We’ll handle every aspect of your car accidents case. Contact us for a private consultation, here.

Car Accident Injury Claims

Our firm handles a broad range of cases for insurance claims and lawsuits, and we can help you make any type of car accident injury claim. Though our experienced vehicle accident injury lawyers can help you after any type of accident, the cases we handle typically involves one or more of the following:

  • Vehicle on vehicle collisions
  • Repair claims for vehicles damaged in accidents
  • Claims for damaged personal property affected by the accident
  • Personal injury claims as a result of a car accidents with pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death lawsuits if a loved one dies as a result of a fatal car accident
  • Determining the amount of insurance compensation for car accidents

Understand Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim

No matter what legal concerns you have about your accident, our highly experienced, specialized lawyers can handle your case down to the smallest detail. Our legal team can:

  • Fill out the proper paperwork
  • Prepare and submit your insurance claim to ICBC
  • Advocate for you during your claim with your insurance company
  • Inform you of your legal options
  • Negotiate and/or mediation on your behalf
  • Act as your representation in court

The key to our success is our team’s ability to remain pragmatic in our advice but also very empathetic to the injuries and trauma our clients have experienced as a result of vehicle accidents. From settling insurance claims while working directly with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, to negotiating a settlement out of court with other involved parties, to providing counsel through a civil trial, we are ready to assist.

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