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Family Law Vancouver

Are You About to Enter into a Common-law Relationship? Read This First

Common-law relationships are similar to marriages in some respects. In the province of British Columbia, for example, couples who have lived together for at least two years or who have a child together are typically considered to be in common-law relationships.Understanding the effects of this status on your financial situation and assets will help you to make the most practical and positive choices for yourself and your future. Here are some of the most important points to consider when deciding whether to establish a common-law relationship in Canada. Provincial Laws Can Differ The rules regarding what constitutes a common-law relationship

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Divorce lawyer Vancouver

Why Divorce Mediation May Be The Right Choice For You

Although it can result in increased happiness over the long-term for all parties involved, there’s no question that divorce is often a difficult and unpleasant process to undergo.While some couples can dissolve a marriage peacefully and fairly without outside assistance, many couples benefit from the services of a mediator. What is the Purpose of Divorce Mediation? Divorce mediation allows a couple to meet with a neutral, third-party professional who is experienced in helping couples resolve common issues related to divorce proceedings. Mediation is typically much faster and less expensive than a divorce trial, which can be helpful for getting a

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Make Time to Review Beneficial Ownership of Your B.C. Company – Changes are Coming – Part 2

Part 1 introduced the transparency register as a mechanism to track “significant individuals” of private B.C. companies. This part covers two more categories of significant individuals and describes the reporting and enforcement process surrounding transparency registers. Recognizing Significant Individuals (continued from Part 1) The previous article considered individuals significant to a B.C. company through share ownership. Significant individuals are also identifiable through their rights and abilities or by acting in concert with other individuals. 1. By right or ability to elect, appoint, or remove a majority of the directors Directors are appointed by shareholders. However, any individual – shareholder or

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Are you a Private Company? Changes Are Coming – Part 1

By May 1, 2020, all private B.C. companies must have a “transparency register” of beneficial owners created and ready for law enforcement officials to inspect. This transparency register tracks personal information on “significant individuals”. If you are a director or officer of a private company, you are responsible for bringing the company into compliance. There is good reason to comply, as transparency registers provide a corporate ‘Blockwatch’-like community effort to prevent illegal laundering of money through legitimate corporate and other business entities. Yet, there may also be reason to withhold information that is not related to anti-money laundering activities or

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Cryptocurrency and Tax Compliance

During the recent tax season, we saw a significant rise in the number of clients seeking advice on the implications of their crypto-currency assets. Despite its name and related coin references, cryptocurrency is not a form of legal tender. Nevertheless, proponents believe it will advance the ability to transact globally through superior security and speed.  These benefits may explain some of cryptocurrency’s rise as a speculative investment. One can imagine buying 100 Bitcoins in 2012 at $10, then selling them all in 2018 at $6,300 each. A gain of $629,000 would be enough to feel like hitting a small jackpot. Unlike

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Perry Armitage Partner

Do I need a lawyer?

This is a question that many people ask themselves after they had been injured in a motor vehicle accident and present ICBC with a claim. In many cases the real question is: Is it worth it for me to hire a lawyer? In cases where liability for the accident is clearly in your favor a lawyer’s fees are typically a percentage of the settlement or court award. That percentage can sometimes vary depending on the amount of work completed and at what stage in the proceeding the case is resolved. Without a lawyer you are most likely to receive an

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