Insurance Denials: Denied Life Insurance

When you purchase life insurance or get coverage through your employer, you do it with the expectation that you are getting financial security if you or a loved one passes.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for life insurance companies to deny your life insurance benefits from being paid out to the listed beneficiaries. They will often use minor mistakes, technicalities, or pre-existing conditions as their reason, leaving you without coverage.

If you have been denied life insurance benefits, contact us immediately. Insurance companies can make the life insurance claims process seem complicated and intimidating. We can give you the clarity you need when you talk to one of our lawyers specializing in life insurance.

We can also take on your case and fight for the benefits you should have been paid. Our life insurance lawyers can gather all the evidence necessary to prove your claim should not be denied.

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When your loved one passes away, and they either had their own life insurance policy or they were covered under yours, you will need to make a claim. You will need to notify the life insurance company and provide the necessary paperwork. This is because the insurance company will not know that the insured person passed without notification.

If you need an initial consultation about all the steps you need to take during the claims process, we can help. It’s all about gathering the right documentation, determining the conditions of the policy, and submitting everything within the required deadlines. Our life insurance policy lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through each step.


If your claim is denied, there will be a few likely reasons. Some common reasons include:

  • The policy was less than five years old
  • The person had a pre-existing medical condition
  • There was a technicality in your initial claim
  • The claim was filed too late
  • The right documentation was not provided

Whatever the reasons, you can contact our team of lawyers to help you fight for your rights under the policy. We will review your case, and advocate for your right to the benefits that were supposed to be paid out.


During your first consultation appointment with our life insurance beneficiary lawyers, we will help you understand more about your case. We cover the specifics of the life insurance policy, the proper steps to take in the claims process, and all of the necessary documentation and evidence.

We will help you overcome the roadblocks that life insurance companies have put in front of you.

We always recommend that you come to us for a consultation as soon as possible, as there is a limitation period to file and contest your claims for the life insurance policy.

You do not want to miss the deadline window before responding to denied life claims. Even if you think there is nothing that can be done, it may be worth letting our lawyers review your case.

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