Dealing with a denied insurance claim when someone you love dies is one of the worst experiences in life. All you want to do is get your legal and financial affairs in order so you can grieve in peace. Having the accidental death claim denied just adds more stress and uncertainty on top of the emotional trauma you are managing.

If your wrongful death claim was denied, our accidental death lawyers are here to take that burden off of your shoulders. Contact us immediately so we can tell you what we can do for you.

We can give you a consultation to guide you through the next steps, or take up your case to fight your claim. We have the experience and expertise in wrongful death claims. Our wrongful death lawyers help you gather evidence, confirm the terms of your policy, and fight in court to get you what you deserve.

If you need help from a wrongful death law firm, contact us today for your initial consultation.


When your loved one dies in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can file a wrongful or accidental death claim. It is unfortunately not uncommon for an insurance company to deny the claim. This may be done by arguing technicalities with the policy or semantics about how “accidental” it was, or if it fits into eligible accident death types.

It can be very helpful to have legal representation on your side to look through your policy contract and gather all the evidence and documentation you will need to claim your rightful benefits.

Our team of lawyers have many years of experience handling insurance claim denials, and specifically accidental deaths. We know the arguments the insurance company will use, and we know how to fight back so you get the benefits that you are rightfully owed.


Like all kinds of insurance, it might not seem worth it until you actually need it. There are certain age groups, lifestyles, or careers where it can make sense to get extra accidental death insurance. For you, personally, it may or may not make financial sense to pay for the additional coverage.

Don’t let insurance companies scare you with thick piles of documents about how your claim was denied. The information they’ve provided you with may not be accurate or tell the complete story. We can review your entire contract and make sure your policy gets paid out to your beneficiaries under the law.


Like an experienced wrongful death law firm, we will ask you questions so we can better understand the details of your case.

We cover the specifics of the insurance policy. We’ll take you through all of the steps involved in the claims process, and walk you through all of the documentation and evidence you will need to overcome the denial of your claim.

Whatever arguments the insurance company puts forth to deny your claim, we will use our legal expertise to ensure that your rights under your policy are protected.

If your claim is denied, we strongly recommend that you arrange for a legal consultation with us as soon as possible. There are potential limitation periods to contest the claim denial that you do not want to miss.

Even if you think there is nothing that can be done, it may be worth letting our lawyers review your case. Please contact McQuarrie if you are in Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver or the surrounding cities. We are ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim.