Separating from a Partner in British Columbia

Our experienced lawyers can help you separate from a partner, negotiate terms and file all the documents necessary for a legal separation. We understand that separation and divorce can often be stressful and sometimes even traumatic for our clients. Our lawyers are both patient and compassionate, and dedicated to you during separation processes, court proceedings and negotiations.

The information provided below deals with legal marriage separations. Common law arrangements may have their own rules, and you can learn more about them, here.

If you and/or your spouse decide that a separation is in order, then you will benefit from contacting a lawyer at the earliest possible stage. For legal advice on how best to proceed with your separation in BC, please contact the lawyers at McQuarrie. You can begin arranging a consultation by filling out our form, here.

How We Assist with Separations?

Our lawyers can assist you with all steps, and at every stage, of separation and divorce in BC. If you are considering a divorce, but want to understand the separation laws in BC before you begin, our lawyers would be happy to answer all of your questions during a private consultation. We can help you understand how a separation is likely to affect your rights or financial status.

If you’re ready to seperate, our lawyers can support you both inside and outside of the courtroom. We’ll work with you to understand your rights, and create a strategy for pursuing them. We do everything we can to ensure that you are treated fairly in the division of property or in the creation of child custody plans.

Steps to Take Before Separating from a Partner

  • Create a comprehensive catalog of your and your spouse’s assets and liabilities
  • Create a comprehensive catalog of monthly expenses
  • Create a parenting plan for your children
  • Collect and arrange income information

Don’t be concerned if you are unsure, or don’t have the time, to gather all of this information. Our lawyers can also manage this step if needed.

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