Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Disputes

We work to minimize the stress and discomfort of our clients as they move to resolve issues that develop from the breakdown of marriages or common-law relationships. Depending on the circumstances, court proceedings are not always the best option. Consider another option: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Going to court is time consuming, expensive and stressful for both parties involved. When children are involved, it’s even more difficult to remain calm and foster the cooperation that will be necessary for a healthy post-separation parenting relationship. Going to court also means that the decisions that directly impact you and your children are removed from your immediate control. ADR allows for a direct negotiation between both partners and their lawyers. Nothing is out of your hands, and you have the option to say no to any agreement or provision.

If you are interested in alternative dispute resolution, or have any questions about it, please request a consultation with one of our lawyers, here.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Mediation?

Alternative dispute resolution refers to the options separating couples have to avoid court proceedings through negotiation, third-party mediation or other methods. Lawyers assist by representing their clients during bargaining, or by developing agreements that will satisfy both parties.

Alternative dispute resolution may have been recommended for you by your family law mediator. Family law mediation is a collaborative structure where the separating couple uses the assistance of a neutral third party (a mediator) who is trained to deal with all the issues that can arise when couples decide to separate.

Our Experience with ADR & Mediation

We frequently represent clients who are working with a family law mediator and a team of support professionals including accountants, financial planners, counselors and parenting coaches to develop creative resolutions to family law disputes. We interpret the information provided by these professionals, and can explain to our clients the pros and cons of different options. We then review the resulting separation agreement and explain the long-term consequences of signing the document.

The divorce lawyers at McQuarrie have extensive experience reaching settlement through negotiation and mediation on matters including:

  • Division of assets for married, common law and same-sex couples
  • Child and spousal support
  • Child custody, guardianship, access and parenting plans
  • Mobility applications (the right to move where children are involved)

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