Appeals Group

McQuarrie Hunter LLP’s litigation lawyers have a broad range of appellate experience from commercial disputes to personal injury to estates and family law matters. Our lawyers offer advice and representation on appeals from inception, when you are considering an appeal, to completion, when you need a strong advocate to argue before the Court.

Our appellate services include reviewing reasons on interlocutory matters and final judgments, preparing factums and appeal books, making interlocutory applications to the Court of Appeal, making stay of execution applications at both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, and advancing argument to the Court.

When a trial court has made a reviewable error, you need experienced counsel ready to act to ensure that error is identified and corrected. The breadth and depth of our lawyers’ experience in many practice areas, both before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, allows us to guide the initial stages of considering an appeal. Our knowledge of the law allows us to identify legal errors and factual errors made at first instance. This includes reviewing trial or interlocutory reasons and materials to identify appealable errors and advising on whether an appeal may be appropriate in the circumstances and when you will require leave to bring your appeal.

Once you commence an appeal, you need to have practiced advice to direct strategy and guide the appeal to resolution. Our lawyers’ practical and strategic approach to litigation will ensure that the appeal is brought to through the appeal process efficiently and effectively. Our lawyers have the knowledge and judgment to make sound and effective use appellate procedures to resolve the matter or bring it to hearing.

When the matter comes on for argument, you need a convincing and persuasive advocate to argue your case. Our lawyers have a demonstrated track record in making oral and written arguments in chambers, at trial and on appeal. From drafting written argument to making oral submissions our team will argue strenuously on your behalf.


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