Our History

Our History

The law firm of McQuarrie goes back to 1936 when Colin D. McQuarrie was called to the Bar in British Columbia and opened a practice in New Westminster. In 1967, his law firm, McQuarrie and Company,  joined three other long-established New Westminster law firms: Hunter and Pettenuzzo (established in 1960), Fisher and Gates (established in 1958) and MacKinnon and Pearce (established in 1954 in New Westminster and Surrey). The firm was originally known as McQuarrie Hunter Fisher MacKinnon Gates Pettenuzzo and Pearce, but shortened its name to McQuarrie Hunter in 1978.

All seven of the founding partners were appointed Queen’s Counsel during their respective careers. Both Colin D. McQuarrie and Thomas K. Fisher served as Treasurer of the Law Society of British Columbia. Thomas K. Fisher was appointed to the County Court of British Columbia in 1977 and Gordon MacKinnon to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1978. Watson Hunter died in 1972. Colin D. McQuarrie retired in 1986 after practicing law for fifty years. Glenn Gates and Jerry Pettenuzzo retired in 1992 and Ted Pearce in 1993. Since 1993, the firm has continued without the founding partners but with their tradition of excellence and dedication to our clients and communities.

Since its inception in 1967, McQuarrie Hunter LLP has grown and has for many years numbered between twenty-five and twenty-nine lawyers. The firm is proud of more recent judicial appointments from among its partners: David J. Brine was appointed Master of the Supreme Court in 2001 and Justice in 2004; Robert Crawford was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court in 2001. Marlene Scott, now retired, served as president of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association.

Almost from the beginning, McQuarrie Hunter LLP has had offices in both New Westminster and Surrey. In 2003, McQuarrie Hunter merged with the neighbouring law firm of Worthington, David & Company, adding a second Surrey office.
In December 2010, the firm consolidated its three branches into one new location, a state-of-the-art office in the modern Central City Tower in Surrey.