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We offer students hands-on work experience within a supportive and cooperative environment.

Articling Program


We have completed our articling student hiring process for our 2017-2018 full-time articling students. Thank you to all of you who sent in your applications. We wish you all the very best of luck in your search for articles.

The deadline for applications for 2017 summer students is November 30, 2016. We will select our 2017 summer students in early December 2016. We usually hire a second-year summer law student and we occasionally hire a first-year summer law student.

If you are interested in a summer student position with McQuarrie Hunter, please submit your summer articles application package via email to Catherine Jacobs, COO at Please include:

  • cover letter
  • resume/CV
  • law school transcripts to date
  • undergrad transcripts
  • letters of reference are accepted but not required

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your applications. Only selected candidates will be called for interviews.

McQuarrie Hunter LLP has a long tradition of providing a well-rounded, practical articling experience. We provide our students with a program that covers most areas of the law and combines one-on-one mentoring with opportunities to develop and perfect practice management skills. We believe students learn best by doing. Accordingly, we encourage the development of professional client service by providing our students with plenty of opportunity for direct client contact from the initial client meeting, through to the conclusion of the matter.

Historically, we hire more than one articled student per year with typical start dates in May and September. Articling interviews are held in late June or early July, so applications should be submitted by June 15th. We also consider summer student applications (the submission deadline for summer students is November 30th). We are committed to developing talent from within and many of our current Associates and Partners also articled with us.

We believe that the articling period should be focused on the education and professional development of the student. Accordingly, we do not place billing expectations on our articled students, nor do we expect them to work seventy-hour weeks. We do expect our articled students to engage with our lawyers and put forth their best effort in developing good work practices, sound professional ethics and a habit of professional courtesy.

We try to expose our articled students to a wide variety of work, but students are also expected to take initiative and seek the kinds of work they enjoy and to explore areas where they need more experience.

All students are encouraged to try different kinds of both solicitors’ and litigators’ work during the articling period. Our firm offers a guided hands-on and in-depth experience for students in a multiplicity of practice areas.

During the litigation rotation our articled students are introduced to court work gradually, first observing, then conducting non-contentious applications, and finally, where possible, taking conduct of the file and arguing opposed matters.

On the solicitor’s side we involve our students in some of our larger transactional and corporate reorganization files. Articled students are encouraged to sit-in on client meetings and interact with clients directly on smaller files. They are also frequently allowed to take conduct of simpler files under the mentorship of senior counsel.

Articled students are encouraged to attend professional development courses and British Columbia Bar Association subsection meetings in their areas of interest. We welcome and encourage their involvement in the Surrey community and legal profession.

Our compensation package is competitive with other Lower Mainland firms our size and we pay salary during the Professional Legal Training Course as well as the course fees.

Ask a new Associate

Interested in talking to someone with recent articling experience at McQuarrie Hunter LLP? We invite you to contact Manjot Parhar or Mark Bridgeman.

Manjot K. Parhar

How to apply

For further information about joining McQuarrie Hunter LLP as an articled student or summer student, please contact:

Catherine Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer
T: 604.581.7001