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Issues Related to the Care of a Person

When your family members are healthy, they can understandably care for themselves and make important decisions. However, due to age, health problems, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other reasons, a person may become unable to care for him or herself or unable to make important life decisions involving his or her financial and legal affairs. In these situations, an application to the court may be required to appoint a person(s) to make these decisions on their behalf. This person(s) becomes the “committee”. We can help you navigate the adult guardianship legislation that govern the care of incapable persons, including the Representation Agreement Act, the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act, the Adult Guardianship Act and the Patient Property Act.

We are able to advise and represent you in matters related to assisting people who become incapable of managing themselves or their financial affairs, including the following:

  • If a person becomes unable or incapable of caring for him or herself or making decisions related to his or her health care;
  • If you suspect an elderly person is physically, emotionally, or financially abused by another person and you need to know your options;
  • If there is an investigation into an incapable person’s finances by the Public Guardian and Trustee and you have the Power of Attorney or you are Committee and you want to know your rights and responsibilities;
  • If an application is made by someone to take control of the care of another and you want to challenge it; and
  • If a person has authority over the care and control of another person and you want to challenge their authority to act on behalf of that person.

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