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Issues Related to Ownership of Assets

At times, people in close relationships, and family members in particular, will enter into financial and non-financial arrangements to facilitate transactions, such as the purchase of assets. Often, the terms of their arrangements may be unclear and conflicts as to ownership rights may arise. You may have a right to a claim in unjust enrichment. In British Columbia, a court may impose a constructive or remedial trust as a remedy in these types of situations.

We are able to advise and represent you in matters related to disputes over the ownership of assets, including the following:

  • If you agreed to purchase land with someone else and both of your names are on title, whether as joint tenants or as tenants in common, but there is now a disagreement over who owns the land and in what proportion;
  • If you contributed money to the purchase of a property but your name is not on the title of that property and now there is a disagreement over who rightfully owns the land and in what proportion;
  • If more than one person is listed as the holder of a bank account or a joint bank account and there is a dispute over who owns the money in the account;
  • If you made non-financial contributions to a house or property and now there is a dispute over whether you are entitled to a portion of the property;
  • If you received money or property but there is a dispute over whether it was a gift;
  • If you have a dispute similar to those described above, but in relation to non-land property (e.g. cars, personal property, etc.) and there is a disagreement over the ownership of the assets; and
  • If you have concerns about the validity of inter vivos trusts or other trust documents.

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