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Residential Conveyancing

Buying, Selling or Refinancing Your Home or Residential Property?
McQuarrie Hunter can Help

At McQuarrie Hunter LLP our experienced residential conveyancing lawyers efficiently provide all the services required during the purchase, sale, or refinancing of residential property. Whether you are buying or selling a house, townhouse, or condominium, the dedicated real estate lawyers at McQuarrie Hunter LLP will guide you through the process by assessing your particular needs, explaining the steps to completing your transaction, and drafting and filing the required documents.

Advising Buyers and Sellers on BC Real Estate Matters

With longstanding roots in New Westminster and Surrey, our residential conveyancing lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients in Surrey, New Westminster, Vancouver, Langley, Coquitlam and other municipalities in British Columbia with the purchase, sale, and refinancing of their homes.

Our real estate law team is well versed in both drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements, reviewing mortgage documentation, and advising on matters relating to title – including investigation and reporting on covenants, liens, judgments, easements, rights of way, permits, charges and other potential encumbrances or issues that affect buyers and sellers. Our experience translates into peace of mind that your interests will be protected and that you have a complete understanding of your real estate transaction.

Once you decide to proceed with the purchase or sale of property, we take all the necessary steps to project your interests during the conveyancing process. Specifically, we make sure that the proper documents are completed and filed with all the relevant financial institutions as well as the Land Title Office. There can be a lot of paper work involved with buying and selling a home and, depending on your circumstances, it can be a very complex process. At McQuarrie Hunter, our residential conveyancing lawyers and paralegals have the expertise to efficiently guide you through your real estate transaction from start to finish.

Complex Real Estate Transactions

The relatively large size of our conveyancing department means we have the resources available to easily handle large, complex real estate deals. We can also respond quickly and efficiently to any unexpected issues that develop and manage all of our complex files with a high level of attention.

If you are already in the process of a complex real estate transaction, we can offer you a dedicated team of conveyancing lawyers that have focused their practice on the handling of complex deals.

Whatever your real estate needs, our residential conveyancing lawyers will provide you with the capable service that you are looking for.

Forms of Property Ownership in British Columbia

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Steps in the Conveyancing Process in British Columbia

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Lawyers in this area:

Christopher J. Bettencourt, Partner
Elyssa L. Lockhart, Partner
Gregory P. van Popta, Partner
Wade R. Winkler, Partner
Joseph J. Berta, Associate
Jose (Bill) Olaguera, Associate
Eric L. Vandergriendt, Associate
Cindy J. Zheng, Associate