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Commercial Litigation

We are a downtown business law firm for Your Downtown.

McQuarrie Hunter LLP’s commercial litigation lawyers serve businesses and individuals in Surrey and across the lower mainland. Our clients do business in British Columbia and around the world.

Commercial litigation addresses conflicts that arise in the business context, such as matters of contract, money, or property. These disputes occur between corporate entities and their principal shareholders.

Our business-minded lawyers work to resolve disputes without losing sight of the bottom line. We work closely with McQuarrie Hunters’ corporate solicitors to identify ways to minimize future conflict, including helping clients implement appropriate methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and commercial arbitration. Whether through litigation or a negotiated settlement, we can help you make the right decisions for your business.

What We Do

Our commercial litigation lawyers come from diverse backgrounds and are experienced in assisting clients dealing with a broad range of disputes including:

  • General contract disputes as well as complex commercial transactions.
  • Creditor’s remedies and defending claims for money arising from breach of contract and promissory notes.
  • Claims in negligence, misrepresentation, and fraud, including negligence in the areas of real estate & construction.
  • Builders liens.
  • Shareholder actions and disputes.
  • Directors and officers liabilities.
  • Partnership and joint venture disputes.
  • Breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Commercial leasing disputes and commercial real estate litigation, including commercial strata litigation, liens and disputes involving the Strata Property Act.
  • Insurance claims.
  • Disputes arising in the commercial construction context
  • Property and real estate disputes including purchase and sale disputes and property rights.
  • Debts and foreclosure

Our commercial litigators are experienced representing clients in commercial negotiations, at all levels of court in British Columbia, before administrative boards and regulatory tribunals as well as in Canadian and US mediation and arbitration forums. In addition to drawing on the background knowledge of a strong corporate commercial group of solicitors, our commercial litigation lawyers have access to top experts in appraisals/valuations, quantity surveys, standard of care opinions, deficiency reports, etc.

How We Do It

We begin by gaining a complete understanding of your business, your goals and objectives. From there, we assess the nature of the dispute you face and consider alternative strategies to resolve your issue, including alternative dispute resolution options.

We will explain the pros and cons of each option, provide you with our recommended course of action, and answer any questions you may have. If you need representation in court or another dispute resolution forum our lawyers have the litigation expertise to protect your interests.

What it Costs – Free Consultation

You want to know what it costs when you hire a lawyer. We understand. Predictability is part of business. We offer a free consultation in order to get a sense of your legal dispute. Based on the details of your case, we will then ask for an initial retainer. Our standard retainer is currently $5,000. As part of the retainer, we will also provide you with an engagement agreement detailing the specifics of the lawyer-client relationship.

Our costs are based on an hourly rate of between $200 and $400 an hour according to the lawyer and the specifics of the matter. We will update you during the course of our work to provide transparency into our fees and the trajectory of our work.

Who We Work For

We advise and act for all players in the commercial and construction context, including:

  • owners.
  • developers.
  • strata corporations.
  • general contractors.
  • subcontractors.
  • material suppliers.
  • commercial landlords.
  • real estate agents.
  • directors.
  • shareholders.

Our clients include many well-known companies and leading individuals active throughout Surrey and Greater Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Commercial Litigation Questions

Q. Can my matter be resolved without a Trial?
Q. How long does it take to get to Trial?
Q. Are legal fees recoverable at the end of the dispute?
Q. When should I start my claim?

Lawyers in this area:

Douglas J. Conolly, Partner
Kevin P. Hyde, Partner
Dan A.T. Moseley, Partner
Jacy J. Wingson, QC, Partner
Mark R. Dorner, Associate
Manjot K. Parhar, Associate
Gareth T. Reeves, Associate
Neil A. Mulholland, Associate Counsel