Wills & Estates

Wills and Related Estate Planning Documents

Having a well-documented estate plan provides comfort to you by ensuring that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. At McQuarrie Hunter LLP, we understand that planning your estate can be a delicate and difficult matter. Accordingly, our lawyers recognize that meeting a client’s needs often requires equal parts compassion and legal guidance. We prepare estate plans, including Wills and other related documents, from the simplest to the most complex. We’re here to help.

We also provide advice regarding a number of estate planning and wealth preservation tools, which can help control the distribution of your assets while minimizing negative tax consequences. In particular, we provide guidance on all matters relating to the preparation and administration of simple and complex trusts. When it comes to estate planning, our goal is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from having an appropriate and well-designed plan in place.


In addition to designing estate plans for our clients, we also assist clients with applications for Committeeship in cases where a parent, relative or friend is no longer able to manage their person or their estate and did not have a Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement in place.

Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements

We also advise on and prepare Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements, which can be of assistance in the event of future incapacity. When you are no longer able to make rational decisions about either of both of your financial/legal affairs and personal care/healthcare decisions, having these documents in place can drastically minimize potential family conflicts by outlining your wishes regarding who should carry on to manage these decisions.

Commonly Used Legal Terms and Issues to Consider

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McQuarrie Hunter LLP’s lawyers have the experience required to manage all your estate planning needs. From the complex to the relatively simple, our lawyers are able to construct an estate plan that serves your interests and, by extension, the interests of your family. By contacting the lawyers at McQuarrie Hunter LLP you will be taking the first step towards creating an estate plan that will ensure the security of your family’s future.